Lifetime Rocker at Longshadow Ranch Winery

All video are in High Definition HD. Click on the double arrow and the right bottom of the screen for full screen best viewing experience.






2 thoughts on “Lifetime Rocker at Longshadow Ranch Winery

  1. My name is Kelly Cowan and I am the guitarist/vocalist and founding member of the Lifetime Rocker Band and The Heart of Rock & Roll (a tribute to Huey Lewis & the News), among several other projects.
    I can’t say enough about how thankful we are for all of Scot’s efforts and expertise on behalf of both of these bands. Not only did he put in countless hours shooting still shots, capturing audio/video, and handling all post production mix downs and editing…….the care, professionalism, and ease he exhibited during this process was beyond impressive.
    Lifetime Rocker was recently voted “Best Cover Band 2014” at the prestigious Temecula Valley Music Awards on the strength of the live videos that Scot produced.
    Scot is easy to work with while still taking his work extremely seriously. I always felt our performances were in good hands and that my input during the process was incorporated and valued by him.
    I would not only recommend Scot to any band that is looking for top notch help in taking their public profile to the next level, but I will tell you that Scot will become one of your very best friends in the process.

    I have no doubt that you can expect this same level of commitment and professionalism in other aspects of his professional and personal offerings on this website.

    Continued success to you Scot, my friend. It is an honor and a joy to work beside you and I look forward to the next time we do 🙂

    Kelly Cowan


    • Kelly, you are always so gracious with your comments and thank you so much for the kind words. I was also the lucky one who had the great fortune of meeting you and all the members of Lifetime Rocker and The Heart of Rock and Roll. Friendships have developed and I have the utmost respect for all of you and your talents. I feel like a family member that was accepted to the inner circle and look forward to seeing whats ahead in the future for all of us. To you personally Kelly, a special relationship was born. One of respect and admiration for your talent but especially how giving of your time to work with me on these projects. It’s so rewarding to associate with a gentleman and sincerely nice person. We made a good team! Thanks again!



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